TenK Solutions, LLC Technology Stack

This page outlines the technology stack, infrastructure, tooling and techniques used in implementing this website.

Frontend Technologies

  • React - For building UIs through components
  • TypeScript - This is the way...
  • Vite - Build tool focused on lightning fast dev server and HMR
  • Chakra UI - Accessible React component library for rapid development
  • Framer Motion - Complex animation capabilities for modern UIs
  • Emotion - Enables CSS styling within JavaScript/TypeScript
  • React Helmet - Handles dynamically updates page metadata and SEO data
  • React Icons - Quickly implement vector icons
  • React Markdown - Display Markdown content through React components

Backend Technologies

  • Node.js - JavaScript runtime enabling server-side JS execution
  • Express - A flexible Node.js web application framework

Infrastructure Technologies

  • Netlify - Provides CDN networking, atomic deployments, & DNS management
  • Github - Provides code hosting and version control


  • Visual Studio Code - A code editor for web development
  • ESLint - Identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript
  • Prettier - An opinionated code formatter enforcing consistencies
  • Vite Plugins - Extend Vite via plugins like vite-plugin-react, vike & vitepress


  • Server-side Generation (SSG) - HTML rendered on server for performance, then rendered in browser via javascript
  • PWA - Progressive Web App (PWA) for offline support
  • Responsive Design - Site adapts smoothly across all device sizes
  • Modular Components - Encourages reuse through standalone component building blocks
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) - Testing is a key part of the development process
  • Modular Components - Encourages reuse through standalone component building blocks
  • Git Workflow - Following proven practices like branching, PRs, semantic versioning
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